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3 steps to write good article

3 steps to write good article

So you think you know how to write good article? Well, you already have the topic of your choice, you have done a thorough research and now you are ready to write the article. Unfortunately, your mind goes blank. Don’t panic; just take a deep breath because writing a good article is not difficult, hard to believe? Check on these 3 steps on how to write a good article and then decide for yourself.

Step #1

Develop a topic and get an interesting introduction: Get a working title that will direct the flow of the article. This title can be the final version but you can still change if you find new information you would like to share as you write. Once you have a title, focus on attention- getter which is the introduction. Think on how your readers will find your content relevant to their needs and what will hook them up into reading the whole article.

Step #2

Write down 3-4 main points for your title: Phrases and keywords will mainly work in this section. Ensure you place every point in a new line and expand it well with concrete facts to make a paragraph. Write at least 3 sentences to illustrate the meaning of each point. Analyze your points with critics and support your arguments with evidences and provide alternatives to cases where your arguments can’t apply.

Step #3

Write your conclusion and review the article: At this step you need to wrap up your main points and answer any questions your readers might have. You can also give your resource box to your readers for more information. Finally, review your article to ensure you have followed the required standards. Also proofread the article to correct any misspellings and typos.

There you have it. This arms you with 3 clear steps of writing good article. Work on the title and introduction, discuss your main points, conclude and review your article. You are now good to go, follow these steps and experience exciting results.